Spigot ActiveRanks - Take away ranks for Inactivity 1.1

Rank manager plugin, take away player ranks for inactivity!

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    ActiveRanks [1.7-1.13] - Rank manager plugin, take away player ranks for inactivity!

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  2. Is it possible to disable auto demoted?
  3. Not at the moment, I would set it to a very high number if you would not like to use it.
  4. Does this support 1.14.3 ? Looks like exactly what I need
  5. Should work as intended, let me know if they're any bugs.
  6. I really liked this plugin but then realized it only supports $ economy. Any chance of supporting an item based economy for vanilla-like servers? We use diamonds as our main currency.
  7. I will definitely look into adding this!
  8. I’ve been looking for a plugin like this. However, I, too, want to disable the auto-demote feature, and I also don’t want to have anything related to an economy enabled. I just want to use this plugin to reward my players with ranks for playtime and nothing else. Is this possible?
  9. Sorry, this is not a playtime reward plugin. You can try to rig it to be a reward plugin but it is not the intended purpose.
  10. That’s a shame. I can’t find a working plugin that rewards players with ranks for playtime.
  11. I have one coming soon :)
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  12. Oh, sweet! I can’t wait.
  13. This looks like a great plugin, but will you be updating to 1.16?