Actualize the number of players on a sign called by event

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  1. Hi guys,

    Im just starting to programm with BungeeCord and i just read how the communication channel between Bukkit and BungeeCord works. I thought I want it to make it a bit more efficent.

    I have got a sign in my Lobby Server, where the number of players on a specific server should be displayed. (The server is called 'Ira1' to make the explanation a bit easier to understand) The Bukkit plugin on the 'Ira1' server should send a plugin message to the lobby server when the PlayerJoinEvent or the PlayerQuitEvent is called, so the number on the sign is correct and I don't need any repeating tasks. I also want the plugin on the 'Ira1' server to send the actual game status, f.e. 'Ingame', 'Lobby', 'Endgame'. I also want it to send a message to the 'Lobby' server when it is shut down, so it can be displayed that the server is offline. Then I want it to send a message when it starts up, but that should be similar to the offline one.

    My Questions are:

    1. How do I send the number of players from the Bukkit plugin on the 'Ira1' server?

    2. How do I receive it with the Bukkit plugin on the 'Lobby' Server?

    3. How do I send information about the gamestatus? (Maybe Strings)

    4. How do I receive them?

    That was a really long post and I hope to get help, and please answer If you have a solution to one of the problems, it will also help me!

    Thx for your help, Domi381
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  2. Nope. I dont want the number to be displayed on a sign, i want it to be on a big information panel. Sorry I wrote that wrong. It would be nice if you could explain how the basics are and not that I am noob or something as other people (hcherndon) do. It was a serious question and I think it just fair to get a serious answer.

  3. You can easily do it with the Plugin Messaging channel, or sockets.