Actually hiding files as pictures...

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  1. I've demonstrated the program which does it here... (named Pando)

    I'm really interested in this honestly (not just because I wrote the program), because I think it can be applied to many different situations.

    So my question is to you all, is this concept worthwhile? And what are your thoughts on operations like this // improvements, just based on what you've seen?

    Also: PM for Discord invite link for updates + potential release date.
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  2. Updated video because I'm dumb along with OBS. Thanks.
  3. Wow! this is so cool!
    What happens when you try to open the document with a text editor? Wait, does that even work?

    Edit: How are you doing?
  4. This is sick! Nicely made!
  5. Also, what is the max file size?
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  6. This kind of thing has been around for ages, but if it interests you, may as well pursue it. :p
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  7. There are at least two ways of hiding data into a picture.
    1. Use the least significant bit to hide your data.
    2. Hide your data by appending it after the image data.
    It’s called steganography.
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  8. Thanks! And nope, it's not hidden in the text/etc. I'm doing alright - yourself?
    Thank you!
    Yeah, but also see my next reply:
    No. I'm not doing that whatsoever; I'm aware of what steganography is and those two techniques are not what this is. I can give you an example picture if you wish:


    This is the exact image. Inspect it however you wish, but using your two listed methods (common for steganography), you aren't going to find anything.
  9. Current limitations depend on your system and architecture. But in terms of logic, it's not very efficient. It uses approximately 2 gigabytes of ram to process a 100 megabyte file. On an x86 system it will encounter an Out of Memory error, and on an x64 system, it will just take a while and even so, integrity isn't really guaranteed. (I.e. saving the file, etc.)

    That being said, I'm trying to get memory usage down as well as more compact and efficient data reading & writing.
  10. I see that the color of that image diverges from the natural one. It seems your are only using one color channel to hide your data.
  11. In this example, yes.
  12. Here we are: Custom RGB patterning support! Set your data to multiple channels (patterned, repeated) for extra security!
  13. Hey, the update (which I posted above) now allows for pictures like this:

    This is made with a balanced pattern.
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  14. latiku


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  15. Thanks c:

    Oh, as a sidenote, if anyone wants to join the Discord for updates + potential release date, PM me. I'd be happy to give you an invite link.
  16. Omnivion


    Send me an invite, PMing you is too much work
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  17. May I ask how you made the UI?
  18. You have pm's disabled.
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  19. they got banned by the looks of things lmao
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