1.16.5 Add and remove permissions

Discussion in 'Spigot Plugin Development' started by SufkopGamer, Jul 20, 2021.

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  1. I want that you can do these commands:

    /permission add <player> freefall
    - give player the barbelland.freefall permissions
    /permission add <player> coaster
    - give player the barbelland.coaster permissions


    permission remove <player> freefall
    - remove player barbelland.freefall permissions
    /permission remove <player> coaster
    - remove player barbelland.coaster permissions

    Can someone code this for me? That will really helps me.
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  2. Very helpful...

    Look into the Vault API, pretty much every permission plugin uses it
  3. It IS helpful.
    Insinuating that using Vault's API isn't a better idea - it's the exact same.
    "Every permission plugin uses Vault" = "Use LuckPerms, no point in not".
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  4. Is it also possible to make this custom? Can someone code this for me because I have never used permissions before. And must I save the player permissions in the playerdata file?
  5. Develop it by yourself. Use PermissionAttachments to add and remove permissions. There are also many tutorials on youtube.
  6. Oke thx
  7. The developer wants their own system which is why I suggested using Vault rather than something like luckperms
  8. Or you use LuckPerms' built-in API...
  9. If you only want to add/remove permissions and you don't want Luckperms extra features, Vault is much easier.
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