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  1. Hey so i was think maybe we need to make a special forum for people who contribute to the spigot project.

    This way people can easily discuss about the spigot project as our only way of communicating is thru the IRC which is not the best way of communicating difficult subjects and does not really improve collaboration.

    This would basically be a subforum which people only have access to if they have signed the CLA and had their stash account enabled.

    Let me know what you think.

    P.S Want to know more about contributing to spigot read this
  2. Phoenix616

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    I'm not sure if such a forum would give any benefit over the existing communication methods that are more focused on the code itself namely the pull request comments (which can comment directly on certain code lines) or the jira issue comments. Both have the benefit of being directly linked to a single issue/suggestion and can have easily a status and reviewers or assigners attached (which would be more difficult to do with forum threads).
    Also this would probably require some additional technical additions to the forum/jira/stash in order to be able to link these accounts together so i'm not sure if it's worth the additional work especially when communication via the existing methods has been worked out pretty well so far in my opinion.
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  3. I agree with @Phoenix616. The existing forums are great, and changing such a massive thing would take a lot of time and is probably not worth it.