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  1. Hey,

    Title says it - I think a section for staff recruitment should be added to the 'Services & Recruitment' section. This section doesn't only have to be specifically for minecraft server staff but also hosting staff recruitment etc.. I'm just asking for a generalised Staff Recruitment section where I could go to and find a server manager, or a sales representative for a hosting company, whatever it may be.

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  2. Since this community is made up almost exclusively of Server Owners and developers, I can't really see this being used very often.
  3. Well, as a server owner, I'd want one of the best managers I can find to guranatee the success of my server, developers may also want to find a manager to help find customers etc... There are also hosting company owners which could find a use for this section.
  4. I can't picture enough people using it to justify an entire section dedicated to it.

    Most people who come to this website aren't really interested in managing someone else's server.
  5. Unless you've got statistics for me, then you've got no ground whatsoever. You don't know what people want or are looking for, and therefore you cannot speak for the community as a whole. Leaving your opinion is fine, however I'm sure a lot more people than you think would be interested in using this section. Besides, no money is lost, nothing is lost from creating a new section.
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    there might be ppl who are looking for those ppl, but I don't think there are many such ppl here. this site is dedicated to developers and server admins, so its only natural that most of the users are developers and server admins.
  7. electronicboy

    IRC Staff

    Except the time and energy needed for such a section to be monitored and handled...

    This community is primarily dedicated towards server owners and developers, it's easy to say "maybe they're looking for staff, and they would love the section!" but the matter of fact is that those looking for staff positions on servers are more going to be heading towards the MC forums or places like PMC, Server lists, etc; which are more designed for and visited by the layman of MC servers(i.e. those who aren't interesting in actually running/maintaining their own server/doing dev work). Bearing in mind that as per the section rules, any requests would have to be fitted with a payment for offering such services, I do also question how many of the people who are looking for staff will actually be able to fit the requirements for the section.
  8. I think this should be implemented solely for the purpose of experienced server managers & administrators, we can have requirements to offer the management service on Spigot. Such as 2+ years of experience.
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