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Discussion in 'Community Feedback and Suggestions' started by BlurGraphics, Jun 10, 2016.

  1. Please let us buy sticky threads on service zones, you will win money and ours been 24/7 bumped.​
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  2. Please add this. Having to bump my thread is annoying and I'd much rather just get it stickied.
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  3. +1, should get implemented for the reasons above.
  4. MikeA

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    I hope not. Spigot isn't a marketplace, it's a development community, and even though I'm not a developer, I hope it stays that way. If you want to buy your way into the crowd use MC-Market or another platform.
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  5. MiniDigger


    This is a completly stupid idea. Do you noticed that spigot doesn't care much about your money? I the team wanted to make money from spigot they would implement a fee on premium resources.
    I hate this kind of attitude, here is some money, now go do what I want you to do. Once spigot was about a community, about helping each other. Now it seems like it's only about the money. This makes me sad..
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  6. lol, this wont be added.
    as MikeA said, this is a COMMUNITY, many people have been told this NUMEROUS times.

    Go to MCM if you want this
  7. Do you see this already?
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  8. MiniDigger


    nice paint skillz bro. but you pictured the sticky threads as closed ;)
  9. This seems like a great way to monetize the community, of course if md5 wants
  10. yea, I was too lazy to do so, just had to get something
  11. -1
    This isn't MCM or minemart so get the hell on those forums and not this one for sticky service threads
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  12. Eh whatever. In the end I'm just here to offer my services and that'd make my life much easier.