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  1. Hey, I have been coding for a long time using Eclipse. I recently tried IntelliJ and I really love one of its features: ctrl + right clicking an object and being able to view the object's class. For example if I right click an Entity object I can access it's class and easily view it's code and make Pathfinders... The problem is that I can't use this feature on eclipse and I hate IntelliJ's environment (don't hate me it is just my opinion :p). Is there any way to add this feature on eclipse? Using like a library or sth?
    EDIT: I mean control and left click
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  2. Try to find a plugin
    I haven't use Esclipe for a long time
  3. Are you sure it works? I believe it works only for Hashmap object's etc. Not bukkit object's like entities
  4. You'd need a decompiler. "JD-Eclipse"
  5. I already have jd gui but I have never tried JD-Eclipse is it the plugin for eclipse that I need?
  6. Yes. IntelliJ to access the objects from Spigot are decompiling them from the jar you import. Eclipse doesn't do this natively, but that plugin will allow it to.
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  7. Oh thank you so much u da best :)