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Should BungeeCord have a plugin update folder?

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  1. Hello,

    I have a suggestion to add for BungeeCord: a plugin update folder.

    Spigot & Bukkit both have an plugin update folder located at /plugins/update in which you can drop plugins, and after a reload/restart those files are moved to the plugin folder. I'd suggest the same for BungeeCord, since it's:
    a) Handy, you can drop updates and just wait till the next Proxy restart.
    b) Just a.

    I never know when I restart my Proxy next, but I sometimes have updates for plugins ready which I most likely will forget to put in the plugin folder prior to the Proxy restart. Having a plugin update folder will allow me to put the to be updated plugins in the plugin update folder, and restart the Proxy later on without having to worry about actually updating the plugins.

    And no, it's no option to override the files (just replacing the updated plugin with the older version) since that can break the plugin's functionality.

    I hope you agree with this suggestion.

    Have a nice day,

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  2. @md_5

    Bump. Would still love to see it, as it's really functional to drop plugins in, for the next restart to be updated.