Adding attributes to already created items?

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    Hello. Im trying to find a way to easily add any attribute to already created item. Example:
    Holding a colored shield in hand and typing «/attribute add generic.armor 3» would add +3 armor to that shield
    Thx :p
  2. FAM! I gotchu... There is an AttributesAPI on Bukkit you can make use of. If I am wrong then crap.

    Send help :eek:
  3. Sadly, it's for old versions. It's not supports new attributes (added in 1.9) and item position option (for example, if tool in offhand, it will give slowness) :(
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  4. Well then. I was wrong...

    I have another idea with a different plugin then... with a completely different purpose. I doubt it will work for you but it will still add attributes in a way, and it can determine actions from players like if they are holding it or not. Here.

    Also, here is one that may actually work for you called enhanced items which has the command /eitems addAttribute <item> <attribute> <value>
    Hope this one works for you even on 1.9. Tell me I am wrong again :eek:
  5. Nah, not the ones im looking for. First not works and second not does what I need.
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