1.17.x Adding Blocks to Grops

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  1. No this is not possible

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  2. I will explain below

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  1. So I am working on a semi-vanilla SMP, and I would like to make different tools be mineable for certain blocks.

    By "Groups" I mean the block groups that you see in the target block information in F3, like #minecraft:mineable/hoe or #minecraft:infiniburn_overworld.

    I would like to know if it is possible, probably using NMS, to add blocks to these groups.
  2. I looked into Tag and all the values within and it's basically an immutable set.
    My suggestion: datapack.
    This is one of the only times you should use datapacks instead of plugins.
    Check inside the vanilla jar file for the correct tag and put it (after changing it as you want) into a datapack. This should, in theory, work.
    On the other hand, you could use Reflection to access Tag's variables and recreate them yourself after adding the block Materials you want
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