Adding Items as coins

Discussion in 'Programming' started by TheBlackFish, Feb 28, 2015.

  1. I have this plugin that you can get points to upgrade your pickaxe by mining blocks. Well I wanna add "golden carrots" as the points instead of it be virtual. So instead of it being stored somewhere I want to have carrots in their inventory. So I want to be able to give them more of these special carrots. So if a player has 5 carrots(5 points) and I gave him 1 more then he has 6 points. The code is here
  2. Can't access the code and therefore cannot do much at all.

    However surely you could just remove the code which usually gives them a virtual credit and then lore a golden carrot appropriate, then you will need to replace the virtual credit check when upgrading the pickaxe with a simple lore check which checks if the players inventory contains a lored golden carrot containing a certain lore.

    All of this should be somewhat simple with basic java knowledge, all you have to do is understand/find out which methods deal with these tasks.
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