Adding more ram

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  1. 73 Plugins?
    Jesus stop downloading a bunch of singular plugins off of SpigotMC and MCM.
  2. I have now 2x X5650 and 16GB RAM server in basement. Now I want to buy server with 96GB rama and more powerfull procesor.
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  3. This post has run out of control.
    The OP was @xFazeESP who has not replied since the original post !

    Anyway, most of you peeps who have replied should pull in your reigns.

    BOTH of these are reasonable answers. Adding more RAM is not a magic fix !

    My answer is start small (2GB) and increase this by 1GB each time you have a problem with players joining.
    AND allways check your server logs for problems caused by plugins.
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  4. 30 Plugins is enough. Upgrade your server when you reach player milestone (2GB, 5players 3GB, 10players 4GB)
  5. @ziga ok this has gone too far
  6. Yeah but for bungeecord it will be OP. I will alocate 10GB to lobby, 10GB to skywars, 20GB to survival... 10GB for every minigame
  7. What host do you use?
    i tottaly use aternos
  8. I have own servers in basement.
  9. I have 32 gb in a total, 14 GB KitPvP, 14GB Survival, 1 GB Bungee, 2 GB Hub
  10. Yeah thats pretty nice.
  11. sometimes ram doesn't matter
    most important is your machine if it's good or not :p
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  12. 6 GB of ram is enough to handle 250 - 300 players on a server.
    If you still expect lags consider going thru all the plugins and configure them better, also configure the server settings better. If you still expect lags consider moving to Paper.
  13. I already have paper, I use 32 GB ram because its cheap in my host and I have bungee