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  1. Hi!

    Are there rules which forbid selling additional extra services like cloud computing or other shared informations?
    I'm talking about features which would extend a plugin, but the plugin is still working in offline mode with less features or it is using the own cpu to calculate things. As (complex) cloud computing needs servers, it isn't possible to sell it for free
  2. MiniDigger


    just to clarify, you are talking about wanted to sell a premium plugin which would use an additional cloud service?

    don't see any rule that covers that, so as long as the main functionality is usable without the additional service you _should_ be fine.
    lets see what resource staff says (/me summons @2008Choco )
  3. Choco


    If you have a premium resource that includes optional web features (i.e. Survival Games that calculates stats on a website), then I see nothing wrong with it. As long as the main functionality is in game, it's fine. If you're creating a web-based resource for another premium resource, then that counts as depending on a premium resource which isn't permitted. You're welcome to do so in the "Hiring / Offering - Developers" sections by all means, though
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  4. Dmck2b

    Services Staff

    Side note: You would not be allowed to list a S&R thread for this if you intend to be the hosting provider or solely make the platform available to those who pay you to set it up. You would be allowed if you were building a per-customer custom platform for an end-user to run on one of their nodes or were setting up a publicly-accessible platform.
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