Spigot Additions API 1.3.2

Custom Items and Textures! No Mods!

  1. I wanted to see the Vanilla additions page, but it doesn't let me. No access ;( Seems like a great idea though!
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  2. Sorry! It's a premium resource, so I have to wait for approval. In the meantime, here is how the thread looks. https://m.imgur.com/pzAjVUn
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  3. Can you give us ingame screenshot
  4. Please make the vanilla aditions free please just for my birthday
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  5. Ummm, no! This plugin took over 6 months to create! Do you really think I'm gonna give it all away?
    Actually, if you know how to develop, you could just make your own Custom Items with the API.

    As for screenshots, I'd much rather wait till I get back home to make a showcase video.
  6. hey additions api and the one api also
    work ?
  7. What exactly do you want? I've read that sentence about 10 times and I'm still confused :(
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  8. what version needed to work this ?
  9. when i do /pl it doesnt show up
  10. As stated in the main page, you need Minecraft 1.9 or above to use this API. This is an API, it does nothing by itself. You must also download one of the supported plugins in order to use it.

    That being said, it should still show up when you do /plugins Please give me a bit more info in regards to your setup, what Minecraft version are you using?
  11. chrismin1302 updated Additions API with a new update entry:

    Added Support for Mending using Fake Durability!

    Read the rest of this update entry...
  12. i cant get that recourcepack to work.
    On the server it asks to dowload it, i press YES and then its still looks like a diamondsword (using your demoplugin)
  13. You must have port 8125 open in your router's settings for the Resource Pack to be sent. You can change the port in the config if you want to open another port.
  14. Hmm. It can be any port?
  15. Yes, as long as you go into the config and change the port to what you want.
  16. Oki, im trying and trying to open the port xD Will buy your plugin when i solve this, noticed the other module is buyable now :)

    Server is running on ubuntu and im no to that :D
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  17. 14:01:49
    [INFO] HTTP Server binded to: /

    Bound to localhost?