Spigot AddLight 4.3.2

Quickly add invisible light sources

  1. I believe left-click with the glowstone dust in that specific area can remove it
  2. Could you update it to 1.14?
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  3. Yes please update this plugin
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  4. Thinking about updating my server to 1.14, does anyone know if this plugin works well on that version?
  5. no does not work at all on 1.14, unfortunately.
  6. Please make an update we need this !!! please @hexosse !!!
  7. I agree that this should really be updated to 1.14. It's a great plugin!

    The plugin loads up, and I can do /addlight on, but I get this error when trying to use it: https://pastebin.com/YsVjdRAr
    Plugin version: 4.3.2
    Minecraft version: 1.14.3
  8. Does someone find a plugin like this for 1.14 please ?
  9. PawPawDude


    Has anyone tested AddLight on 1.14? Any prospects for an official 1.14 version? Thanks.
  10. Please update, we need this plugin aswell! <3

    Commands are working om 1.14.4 - but when i want to create a light it gives me this error in console https://pastebin.com/JiC0xZvE
    #190 BierfietsNL, Aug 3, 2019
    Last edited: Aug 3, 2019
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  11. which version works with paperspigot on 1.8.8?
  12. Could you update it to 1.14.4? :love:
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  13. Please update to 1.14
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  14. How do i easily light up all darkness inside a worldguard region with world edit? Without having to go click in each spot?
  15. since he didn't update it himself and all the code is on the git hub so i get to do it myself :D
  16. yeah I don't think the original developer gonna comment on here they haven't updated there plugin since 2018 and we are 1/4 into 2019.

    I mark this down as a InactiveResource which is a shame tbh.
  17. Damn... :_:, Does this by chance have an open source?
  18. The developers have not been active for 48 weeks. I think he has been bored since worldedit has given the fuck to spigodt. because the spigot doesn't fix problems like before. Hope someone will take to update the plugins it is open source. spigodt was the killer of bukit and now paper or sponge is the killer of spigodt. Hope someone agrees.
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