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  1. I believe it's spelled customize, not "costumize".
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    Do you have the permission of Lucko to use the logo like that?
    I think it should at least be a bit more altered to prevent any possible confusion with LuckPerms itself, due to the logos looking almost identical.
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  4. PawPawDude


    Some earnest criticism for what would be a great plugin idea...

    1. Motive: adding a GUI based perm interface does not make one's server "look more professional" -- what does that even mean? Function should be the focus, not looks which in this sceario are irrelevant. Which leads to...

    2. Demonstrations: moving a cursor really fast over the GUI in a gif where you can't read what's there is pointless, and suspicious.

    3. Empty: the Wiki. Like the Overview, largely.

    You can communicate better than this. It is likely/possible that the plugin is worthwhile and you've spent lots of time developing it, but how could one really know given the above facts?

    Will keep you on my watchlist in the event things improve enough to consider purchasing. Best of luck.
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  5. Andre_601


    I don't think that guy gives a shit about any of our concerns or similar...
    But imo does this just show what kind of person they are.
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    Hmmmm. Maybe the source is available and someone could fork it. Of course, always need to allow for possibility that a dev's life has taken a left turn or gotten busy and suddenly their great pay-to-play plugin is a faded interest. Happens all the time here, no? :)
  7. Where?

    Hey sorry, for some reason I did not receive any notification from spigot, maybe because I didn't watch this resource page. I'm really sorry about that. I'm sure gonna change this now :D

    1. Because everything looks better in gui? xD. But okay you're right, I shouldn't add that. It just for advertisement purpose :/

    2. Spigot rate limited GIF size so I'd need to cut some frames to reduce it size to less than 2 mb

    3. Fixed, its full of useful content now. At the first I didn't have a time to write something to it, thats why I stated the wiki is under construction
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  8. The header. Should say "The simplest way to customize LuckPerms."
  9. Oo okay, I didn't notice that xD. I'll fix it later
  10. Okay I've fixed the logo, and the typo. Again sorry for not responding, It was my fault that I didn't watch this page :( for those who willing to ask something here, I'd recommend to join my discord instead. I can reply within 10 minutes if I'm online on discord

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