Admin Hack Color but not perm

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  1. Well hi everyone,

    I have a minor problem here but very anoying

    I have a player who might use something to be an "adminlike" on the chat.

    > The chatname color of my admins is Red

    And this person is a random player and he can put his name Red in the chat with out any of my permissions.

    Thus when an admin login into my server, it doesnt say : [admin]player join the game.

    This person is also able to do this. When this player comes into my server it doesnt show [player] join the game

    So > it seems that he doesnt have any other permissions, he just modify the chat color and the chat joining message

    Any idea of a hack and a plugin who can correct it?

    Thanks alots
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  2. Either one of your plugins is doing that or you set up the permissions wrong.
  3. Thank you for your message, but unfortunatly there is only One person who do this, ive never seen it on an other player :/ maybe it can be a plugin prob but i doubt
  4. online/offline mode?
  5. How you mean? My serverproperties is obv on onlinemode:true

    You think about an essentials commands like /offline?
  6. no, i meant the server properties