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Minecraft administration tools - RCON , Server and Api status

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    Admin Tools - Minecraft administration tools - RCON , Server and Api status

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  2. Hello, this rcon client is amazing cool!
    I suggest to add console history, like when you press button you can auto-write command what you write before.
    And add UTF-8, because now to use UTF-8 with your rcon client it need console start with parametr "-Dfile.encoding=UTF-8" and only.
  3. Console history already exitsts (documentation in the works rn, thats why there isnt a update in like a month), use the down and up arrow keys to traverse command history

    Will be adding that in version v5.0.0
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    Version 7.0.0

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  5. doesn't really work. it just sits there doing nothing in the terminal and that's it.

    no errors in the log, just this:

    [2021-04-03 20:41:42] (app.admintools.AdminTools main) [INFO ] Initilising
    [2021-04-03 20:41:42] (app.admintools.AdminTools main) [INFO ]
    AdminTools version : 7.0.0
    As int : 70000
    As full : 7.0.0
    Snapshot: 8d3m2021y001v