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    AdminAnything - Resolve conflicts from plug-ins on your server;disable unwanted functionality;optimize;administrate

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  2. Like you can already do /worldedit:tree and /essentials:tree what makes this different?
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  3. If a message starts with a "/" and contains ":" cancel it. Problem fixed
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    Several bugfixes and new features - I've been busy :)

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  5. And pay for that? No thanks
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    New minor version

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    Production readier :)

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    Niceness and usefulness update :)

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  9. Sorry, I've not been subscribed to this thread for some strange reason.

    Let me try to answer your initial question. You can obviously do /worldedit:tree and /essentials:tree on your server and not pay anything for it. That is a core MC functionality and AA does not try to amend it - unless you explicitly tell it so.

    To show you how AA works, let's consider the following scenario. A new player logs into your server. You have a wonderful AAA Homes suite plugin and Essentials installed there, side-by-side. You want that player to be using your great AAA Homes suite, not Essentials, so you don't even bother giving the guy permissions to Essentials. Since AAA Homes suite is alphabetically before Essentials, from my experience so far - your players will not be able to use /home and /sethome to use the AAA Homes suite. They would be always hitting /home command of Essentials, which will tell them they don't have permissions to access it.

    Now, people aren't usually server admins, so they wouldn't know they can do /AAAHomeSuite:home and /AAAHomeSuite:sethome instead. Ignoring the fact that such commands would be super-inconvenient when you need to go home fast (try typing /AAAHomeSuite:home without tab complete - of which the player might not know either), the permission message would create support nightmare for your moderators. Everyone would ask why they can't use /home.

    AA allows you to alleviate this problem my "hard-wiring" the /sethome command to /AAAHomeSuite:sethome, so when a new player joins the server and does /sethome, they will be indeed hitting /AAAHomeSuite:home, which is the ultimate goal here.

    This is, of course only a start of what AA provides. There's more inside and even more being constantly added. It's all mostly geared towards server admins to make it way easier to set up any server, including plugins, commands, permissions, descriptions lookups, disabling and silencing (output of) selected plugins etc.

    Hope this clears things up a bit for you :)
  10. I code my own stuff, so I never run into this issue.

    But if I did, I would use a command binder or you know BUKKIT commands! I would never pay for a plugin to do things that bukkit can already do.
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  11. If you could be a little more specific about what you mean by a command binder of what Bukkit commands are you referring to that can do what I described in the scenario above, I would be most grateful :)
  12. You can already define commands to run certain commands within the commands.yml from Bukkit, and there are already tons of free plugins that do this exact same thing.
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  13. Thank you :) That was exactly the information I was after. I'll give it a try to see how reliable this is.
  14. Interesting system, thank you once again for directing me to Bukkit's built-in override system. I tried to do what I would do via AA with the following results:
    • commands registered into Bukkit's CommandMap dynamically without using the plugin.yml architecture don't seem to work with this system (common example are WorldEdit and WorldGuard plugins, but I've seen this being a trend with many other plugins lately, for example CheckMyInventory)
      ... this is what I tried (if I'm doing something wrong here, it'd be great if anyone can correct me):
      Code (Text):

        - version $1-
        - worldguard:god
        - essentials:ban
      ... the command god is always performed via Essentials, even though I'm trying to direct it to WorldGuard here.

    • commands that use PlayerCommandPreprocessEvent to handle their output can not be overridden by this system (they will always act as they please, mainly because this is not how commands really should be registering... but well, tell that to plugin devs :p )
    • disabling commands via this system works as expected, except for - once again - plugins that utilize PlayerCommandPreprocessEvent
    • commands can not be muted through this system (that feature is arriving into AA in the next version) - i.e. command still runs but its output /via sendMessage(), broadcastMessage(), broadcast()/ is hidden

    I used the following reference for my tests:
  15. And making a plugin to override other plugins is hard to code? And needing to be a premium code? I can make that in like 5 seconds m8
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  16. No offense dude, but care to put your money where your mouth is? If you can prove (let's say via GitHub commits - they have time and date) that you can indeed create (not copy) a plugin that does what AA is doing now in 5 seconds, I'll give you AA for free.
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  17. You can just listen for the command with Spigot's events overriding it from happening...
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  18. Your code does not work with WE/WG, does not override events nor silences the command. I have no further questions, your honor :p
  19. That really sucks... Not that hard to add support for WorldGuard.

    You can set events to be at HIGHEST priority overriding nearly all plugins. Also this does silence the command...

    Oh well, good luck ripping people off with a premium plugin.
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