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The essential plugin for admin entertainment!

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    AdminFun - The Essential plugin for admin entertainment!

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  2. Good idea to release on Spigot! I've been using this plugin for ages, it's a great, fun plugin. I have one thing to say though, when you freeze a player and they try to move, they get kicked by NoCheatPlus for something, can't exactly remember what it is, is it possible for AdminFun to bypass the NCP measures at all?
  3. The latest NCP version is 1.7.9 so I don't think it will be on any 1.8 servers yet?
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  4. Well many many servers I know have NCP running perfectly well including mine. They have Dev versions up.
  5. I love adminfun so much! :D
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    AdminFun v2.3.3

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  7. i'm using 1.8.6 and the v2.4.1 and i get this message on startup:
    [06:15:26] [Server thread/WARN]: [AdminFun] Could not save config.yml to plugins/AdminFun/config.yml because config.yml already exists.
  8. This is normal, this means the config already exists. I am using saveResource("config.yml", false); which means to save the config but do not overwrite. This is no issue and will not affect your server in any way.

    Thanks for the report,

    - Trevor
  9. okay then, i'm just not fond of getting WARN messages for nothing i guess XD
  10. To toggle auto-updates(default to false) set automatic-updates to false.

    Do you mean....... To toggle auto-updates(default to false) set automatic-updates to true.?
  11. could you add something to turn down block damage caused by the plugin? i like to firework my players sometimes, and on occasion it break stuff
  12. Been using this plugin since it came out, it's great to interact with players and be able to create a lot of laughs. But do you think you could add a config option so we can rename God to whatever we like?
  13. That and a lot more features are coming soon! Stay tuned!
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