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    For the people that own a server, how do you guys handle admins that abuse their power and how do you monitor your staff that you give OP to? For example if you admin gives players a ton of items, or free ranks. I've never had an issue with this, but I just wanted to know how other people handle stuff like this.
  2. don't give op just give permissions to the group, and get a plugin called command spy ;)
  3. You would usually OP the most trusted/longest staff member you've had. Most staff don't need op in order to get their job done hence only having a few with that type of power. So far from everywhere, I've worked that's how it's been done and I've never encountered a problem with it.

    I should also mention that everyone who did get accepted as staff went through an application and interview process which usually took 1-2 months.
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    Yes of course, but admins usually have the ability to give a player a rank because they didn't receive it or usually stuff a long those lines. That can be abused pretty easily. I obviously pick the staff members I trust most, but you never know what can happen that's why I just wanted to know what other server owners do.
  5. just give them the permission to make it so the can only set ranks lower than them. and they can set other players rank to there current rank
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    For a lot of the server I've managed/owned, we've always had a custom permissions/ranks manager to enable us to make it so that only the Owners can set any ranks above the donator Ranks. I also have, in my custom spigot cores, Admin fun commands which are designated to be used just to have fun and mess around, and Admin serious commands, such as /setrank or /blacklist, of which only Owners can do anything to staff.