Spigot AdminTools 1.1.2

Easily access useful admin tools from a simple GUI

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    AdminTools - Easily access useful admin tools from a simple GUI

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  3. is it possible to made the GUI Permissions based?
    when a player had adminstools.fly and he use /at that he only sees the fly icon?...

    When this kind of permission based inteligence the gui could be used for special players or groups. without showing them the full gui.
  4. There is already a permission for each one to make it viewable in the GUI I believe the documentation is in the thread :)
  5. Oh realy? :) But tat should be decriped a bit better.. i read it and it souned like "you get access when you have the permission" there is no word from "you dont see it when u dont have the permission"...but good to know u allready implemented it :p
  6. What exactly does "Op Mode" do?
  7. It means it puts you into operator mode. It just makes it simpler to test plugins as you can easily add/remove all permissions to/from yourself :)
  8. So basicly /op the person
  9. Correct