Bukkit Advanced Achievements 5.10.4

Unique and challenging achievements on your server! Books, GUI, rankings, rewards, effects and more!

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    Advanced Achievements - Customisable and challenging achievements for your server!

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  2. Can you add the ability to change the message colors if it is not already added? E.G. the book colors and the purple in the messages.
  3. Hi!

    You can change the colors of the achievement messages and names in the configuration file of the plugin. For instance name your achievement '&5Killed five skeletons!' ;)
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    Firework and enhancements update

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  5. Does this plugin allow you to make custom achievements without a specific action? So you can create an achievement, and when people walk over an pressure plate linked with an command block they get this achievement? If not; could you please add this?
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  6. Could you consider adding in so you can view the achievements from a GUI as well if so that would be cool and if they have the achievement green clay need the achievement red clay and so we can edit the name and lore as well as the GUI name and position
  7. Hello!
    No the plugin doesn't currently support achievements such as walking on pressure plates. It's a rather good idea, I'll try implementing it in a future update, likely version 1.3 (or maybe 1.2). ;)

    Well, I've thought about including a GUI, but actually there are a few drawbacks:
    - the size of the texts set as display names and descriptions of the objects of the GUI. There are limitations due to an item based GUI system (at least in some game versions or server types), that don't exist in my book system. Therefore, there could be conflicts, cut down texts, or simply a more limited plugin.The current colour system could also act weirdly with a GUI, I'm really not sure it would be easy to find an equivalence between a book system and GUI system with a unique configuration file without putting more limitations.
    - efficient GUI's are often difficult to build and customise efficiently. I had a look at some that were offered by several other plugins, and I saw a great deal of users complaining about the bugs and poor customisation capabilities (nevertheless maybe some plugins managed to build something good). In terms of maintainability, GUI's are also problematic, an compatibility between different and new versions of the game is not guaranteed.

    Quite weird, I haven't experienced such problems or had any other feedback concerning performance issues. I assume you've got a server of a rather small size? Nevertheless, it's true that I haven't really insisted on performance optimisations in the first two releases, so it will be the main aim of the version 1.2. ;)

    Thanks for your feedback anyway, this will help improve the plugin!
  8. My server is currently whitelisted, it's running spigot 1.8.3 with 16 gigs.
  9. Please try out the latest version and tell me if the performance is better on your server or not. ;)
  10. I know that making a GUI is not simple , but it could be so cool with that feature, maybe it can has problem at first , but you could put on the config file a variable for using the book or the GUI
  11. The plugin got a video tutorial/review by ShinyTinselWorm, feel free to watch, like and comment!

  12. catagory's you could add:
    - player kills.
    - villager trades
    - amount of enchantments
    - also a specific enchantment
    - getting types of enchantments
    - crafting
    - amount of times crafted
    - specific item crafted
    - recieving a specific amount of item(s)
    - using a specific potion
    - using an anvil
    - adding a enchantment to it
    - repairing an item
    - amount of times using a specific item

    Other things you could add:
    - MySQL and not SQLite (honestly who uses SQLite??)
  13. Hello!

    Thanks for the ideas, I'll implement some of them in next major release, 1.3 (1.2.1 is currently on its way, bug fix update). Crafting, amount of times crafted, specific item crafted, and player kills (in kills use 'player') actually already exist in the plugin.

    As for SQLite, it's the most used database engine throughout the world, for instance in Skype, Firefow, Chrome, Android, iOS, etc... (don't know for Bukkit plugins development though, but I've seen quite a bunch of plugins using it already, it's efficient and reliable). ;-)
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    Quick fix

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  15. The SQLite plugin may be true but for what i've seen for bukkit is MySQL i saw more plugins with MySQL supported and multicraft also uses MySQL to create databases so i think adding support for that is good
  16. Hey! Any chance you could include command rewards?
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  17. Normally that will be implemented in the next 1.3 update! ;-)
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  18. Yes! That's what I was gonna ask :D

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