Spigot Advanced FreeForAll 1.0

FFA with custom Killstreaks and more!

  1. Witherleague submitted a new resource:

    Advanced FreeForAll - FFA with custom Killstreaks and more!

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  2. @Witherleague Yo, after a player dies while in FFA mode, and respawn's to pvp again, if they type /ffa leave, they lose their originals items before they joined FFA

    Please fix this bug!
  3. Love how the plugin information is in English, but the plugin is in German without any way to change the language..

    Please add a language file where we can configure the messages.
  4. Are you experiencing in players inventories normal inventories being deleted after they die and type /ffa leave? Or is it just me?
  5. Just you, tested it last night, no issues.
  6. Good but i is useless :/