Spigot Advanced Genetics 0.8.1

Gain powers from mobs! Gather cells and be a mad scientist!

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    Advanced Genetics - Gain powers from mobs! Gather cells and be a mad scientist!

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  2. very very nice will be using on my factions.
  3. wow, great work on this.
  4. I can't put a waterbucket into the analyzer(Furnace).Why?
  5. You have to do it with your mouse. You can always make an infinite source of water under the machine and it will use it.
  6. I spigot 1.8, java 8 6.0 worldguard not walk nose to pass me, I have enabled the world attempt to generate the maquianas but no effect.
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  7. This honestly looks really awesome.
  8. Make sure you enable the world in the config.
  9. Wow, most impressive plugin I've seen yet. Just curious how long did it take you to develop & approximately how many lines of code was it?
  10. :(
    Thank this post in this world and not work, I was thinking that maybe is incompatible with RealVillagerTowns or Shopkeepers plugins
  11. Can you help me please, I can't put the water in analyser. ://
  12. IDK why you guys can't, I can. But just read the page, under the section about that it says you can put water under the machine.
  13. What are your version ? I'm on spigot 1.8.
  14. Yah, its for 1.8.1
  15. for me it's doesn't works ....
  16. Elaborate please.
  17. The machine like analyser they doesnt works
  18. Really awesome plugin. :)
  19. When I want put the bucket water in the analyser its impossible. so can you help me please .
  20. Water goes underneath the machine.