Advanced Luckyblockwars (GIVE AWAY) (Only 5 Will Win)

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  1. [​IMG]

    20 Downloads On luckyblockwars (Thank You)
    i Decided to make a give away for 5 Winners :)
    the give away will end in 5/7/2015

    You Must Replay Put In Your Message Some Suggestions about the plugin
    And What do you like in the plugin
    And Keep Smile :)

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  2. Oh nice ! Thanks for this give away :p !

    So what i want in this awesome plugin :

    • Remove the depends of MinigamesLIB
    • Add a UHC game type (a small uhc !)
    • Add Lucky Defi game type (If you don't know what is it , it's ok because it's made by a french !!)
    I'm think i have finish !

    Thanks !


    (sorry for my bad english , i'm french :S)
  3. OMG I have see the tutorial and i love lucky block skywars is hope that i win
    GOOD JOB With your plugin <3
  4. Hello nice plugins :)

    So what i want in this awesome plugin :
    • Add mode bungeecord pls and remove the depends of MinigamesLIB

    Thanks for the plugins :) :p
    And good luck man
  5. I'll continue the suggestions, removing MinigamesLIB could be the better thing you can do.

    A good way could be read, understand and re-make the lib using your own code and ideas. That'll improve your plugin A LOT.

    Also I think a web-template to make a Top could be something nice, although external, to add.

    Something coold you've done it's how you applied the things that MinigamesLIB gives to make a really cool plugin not done yet, or at least not with such functionalities as this one.

    Also I hope this smile is enough :p
  6. Ooh I would like to enter :)

    One suggestion though, see if you can get rid of the minigame-api dependency :p
  7. Minigames API Haters :p
  8. Please Remove Minigamesapi
    add map luckyblock
  9. The most fun plugin i ever seen! There not much need to bee added since it's amazing already and config is very easy. Would love to put this on our skyblock server!
    Peace :)
  10. keep minigameslib, make a custom texture
  11. Hello!

    I found this great plugin on your test server and I am very interested by it. I like this unique plugin because it takes multiple great concepts and puts them together in one great combination! The GUI is great too and the shop/stats give players a good reason to continue and enjoy this game.

    An other great thing is that this plugin has classes, Vault and stats.

    It even has MySQL! this is great for larger networks and shows that you will be getting well worth what you pay for.

    The creator has been supportive of his buyers too.

    What I would like to have added in the plugin?

    I can't think about anything at the moment, maybe mobs? the walking mobs will act like a LuckyBlock when they are killed by a player.

    My email: [email protected]
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  12. I think that if you added a texture pack and added more for cool stuff for vips this plugin would be worth 30$ :)
    Email: [email protected]
    Thats if i win the giveaway!
  13. First of all, your plugin is awesome and your job is great.

    Things that I would like to see in the plugin:
    Its own texture pack, so when you are playing you see luckyblocks instead of sponges;
    No dependency
    Gamemodes: like Last Man Standing, UHC or more
    And a better map reload system

    My email is [email protected] and my skype is Lmmb74.

    Hope I win the giveaway
  14. Here are some of my ideas. Love the idea of the plugin :) and keep up the great wotk.

    No dependencys
    Custom currency and shop
    UHC Mode
    texture pack
    special custom item effects
    addons like bungee cord hook on
    custom join signs
    kill streak message
    Private custom class for donors
    Last man Standing
    A party / friend system
    Dev api
  15. saphiria


    I would like to enter... ;)

    I would suggest:

    • Item Effects...
    • Maybe Remove MinigamesLib dependency...
    • A texture pack with just one change, the sponge looks like a lucky block...

    I believe we've talked via PM ;)


  16. Hola! boi haser un tutorial de el plugin y que ria ver sime lo podias dar para hacer el tutorial, Si quieres que aga el tutorial pasame el plugin A mi gmail:[email protected]


    Hi! boi haser tutorial ria plugin and see what Podias sime give to the tutorial, If you want the tutorial pasame aga My gmail plugin : [email protected]

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  17. saphiria


    ...Err... Google translate gone bad? I know Spanish and English and thru bolts don't make sense.

    Note: I'm not making fun of him. I'm simply asking for an repeat of what he's saying.
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    Next time, please read this thread, to make sure that you get the most relevant help. Thank you!
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  19. I will participe...
    some suggestions:
    - A votation, like skywars, but of luckiness of blocks! (Bad Luck, Random Luck and Good Luck)
    - Lucky block animation...
    - Maybe a lucky block selector (Yellow Wool, Sponge, and more!)
    - Bungee mode...
    - A developer API!
  20. You have win the luckyblockwars