Spigot Advanced Machines LITE 2.3.0

Automate everything | Crafting, Mining, Farming, Breeding, etc. | Cobblegenerator for Skyblock

  1. Hi, I'm glad that you returned and continued to work on this project. During this time, many cool and interesting plugins have appeared, such as itemsadder link: https://www.spigotmc.org/resources/✅must-have✅-itemsadder✨custom-items-huds-guis-mobs-3dmodels-emojis-blocks-wings-hats-liquids.73355/ . This plugin is able to add new blocks using texture packs without replacing the old ones. It would be very cool if you add the ability to put textures from this plugin on your industrial machines, I am sure that this is possible and will make your plugin much cooler! Thank you in advance.. ;)
  2. Le plugin n'est pas reconnu par mon serveur en 1.16.5 :( sinon il a l'air super ^^
  3. Do you have any errors in your console?
    You need to have ProtocolLib installed and your server needs to have at least java 11 installed.
    You can check your java version by simply typing
    Code (Text):
    java -version
    In your terminal.
  4. All of them are bugged out on 1.16.5
    i wanted to add it to my skyblock server but its not good yet :/
    i have to shift and then click but when im in the menu rather then the buttons to do actions i take them to my inventory and thats will all machines

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  5. Do you have any errors in your console?