Advanced Movement-Detecting AntiCheat

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    I know what you are thinking right now:


    But anyways, i am trying to find a good movement detecting anticheat. Because my custom antiaura deals with triggerbot, killaura, autoclicker (etc.) however i need a need a non false positive anticheat for movement. Also i need to detect most movement hacks the ones i have tried:
    To many false positives, very easy to bypass. (I found out that you can "buy" configs but where from and from who?)
    Anticheat (plus):
    Countless amounts of false positives, blocks barley any hacks.
    Doesn't seem to notify admins.

    I Do respect that the developers of these anticheat's did alot of work to make these anticheats however they seem to not suit me.

    Can i have some help plz :):):)
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  2. Forgot to say i would like the anticheat to be 1.10 however 1.7/1.8/1.9 are still fine for me :):):)
    Also i am not english so sorry for my bad grammer :rolleyes:
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