Resource Advanced NPC Util. [1.17] (Packets)

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  1. Yes, it is certainly possible. Since PathFinding does not apply, you have to find a different way.
    In your case, working with packets such as RelativeEntityMove RelativeEntityMoveAndLook RelativeEntityLook.
    These packets are being used to make an entity move very precisely within a range of 8 blocks in all directions.
    Be aware, it is not easy to implement this, and way more complicated than people think in my opinion.
    And if you still insist on using this, disregarding your experience, I can only recommend you to spawn fake PlayerEntities, which are compatible with PathFinding.
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  2. Can you help me with install this to server?
  3. Maybe you haven't noticed but this is an utility.
    It means that it's not a standalone Plugin you can just copy and paste, but instead a script that other Plugins can implement.
  4. Hey, this is an amazing resource, but out of the comments I see, that this utilizes NMS?
    Could you please make it Protocollib compatible? This would be so nice!
  5. Sorry I don't do that.
  6. Using 1.17.1 Paper-386 -> upon using #destroyBPC it thows:
    Code (Java):

    java.lang.NoSuchMethodError: 'void<init>(int)'
      at io.github.danielthedev.npc.NPC.getEntityDestroyPacket(
      at io.github.danielthedev.npc.NPC.destroyNPC(
    And plus: Is there way to hide NPC's Name in TAB? Thanks!
  7. The packet was renamed.
    1.16.x it was plural entities
    1.17.0 switched to singular
    1.17.1 back to plural.
  8. Great Resource! Make NPC's Wayyyyyyy Easier.
  9. Hey what about 1.18 ?
  10. I'm working on the 1.18 update, since I decided to add an overall support from 1.16 to 1.18.1+, it might take a while for me to fully release the entire project. However, since I started testing the 1.18.1 version already, it should be available within one or two days depending on both the NMS and CraftBukkit changes.
    If you can't wait any longer, you can try the beta version here Github
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  11. Hello!
    I really like your Resource!
    I wanted to know if it's possible to make the npc move in the same direction as the player? As if it was following him...
    Thank you!
  12. This is amazing, but I want something like this for 1.18. Shloud this resource work also on 1.18?
  13. NPC Utility for 1.18 (Untested)

    NPC Util 1.18
  14. Hey, love the resource! Just wondering if movement/pathfinding will ever be added?