Bungee - Spigot Advanced Portals 0.7.0

An advanced portals plugin for bukkit

  1. Is there a way to make this act more like the multiverse-portals whereby all nether portals made by players in a specific world send to the advanced portals defined destination?
  2. is it possible to make one portal send you to multiple locations? so like you can set 4-6 spawn points and when you go through the portal it will take you to 1 of the 6
  3. Quick Question:

    I'm trying to create a dark souls style spawn, which after completion of trails you can revisit, failure in the quiz/puzzle warps you back to the spawn. I've manged to get it all working and added permissions (so completed players don't warp to spawn) but is there a way to allow a permission to 'walk through' the wrap? So they can go explore the rest of the area instead of being bounced back?
  4. Everything works wonderfully except one small problem:

    I have one specific portal that is supposed to bring people to my creative overworld; it does that, but immediately teleports you to a different destination in the End half a second later.
    I haven't experienced this behavior with any other portal, even going to the same target destination.
    Im running Multiverse Core on 1.16.1
  5. Is there a way where i can teleport the players to other world so when teleport they appear where they leave that world and not on the destination of the portal...
  6. So, there are no errors but when I use the wand command, e.g. /advancedportals wand
    I get the iron axe, but whenever I go to select the areas of the portal, it doesn't work. It just works as a normal axe.

    There are no errors to report, the console / logs show no errors at all.

    Please advise.
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  7. Is that option now live?
  8. is there a way to make a portal work based on the players permission and what it does?

    like can i make a portal that does two things if the player has a permission:

    1. if the player has "No.Island" it'll run the command "/is create"
    2. if the player has "Has.Island" it'll run the command "/is go"
  9. Please add more particle effect options.
  10. Can this plugin be configured to charge in game currency through essentialsx economy or xconomy in order to use a portal? Very important asking for myself.
  11. When I'm trying to create two points I get the error: Your level is not high enough to use this!
    I'm using a iron pick axe and in gamemode: creative
  12. After updating my excisting portals work, but new portals cannot be created. portals.yml file is updated with the newly created portal, but it isnt working. Any idea's on how this is possible?

    Trying to create a portal that teleports the players from the lobby to the skyblock server. command im using = /advancedportals create name:Skyblock bungee:skyblock triggerblock:WATER

    ingame it tells me, portal created succesfully (see below screenshot)

    config file is edited and the new portals shows up in the config. but when i walk through the portal nothing happens. (see below screenshot)

    running papermc-133 (spigot 1.16.1) and Advanced-Portals-0.5.8-snapshot.jar
  13. Hello,

    Still using Advanced Portals and still loving it. :)

    I seem to remember that Advanced Portals had a / command that could be used to port the player to a specified destination on another server without them stepping into a portal first.

    I can't find any mention of such a command now. Have I imagined it?!?
  14. Hey!

    Is it somehow possible to reload the configuration from the console? At the moment the plugin states that commands can not be used from the console.

    I need this to be able to sync portal data between multiple hub server instances and then use the /ap reload command from console to reload the synced portal configuration.

    Otherwise great plugin! :)
  15. @sekwah
    Is there a way to have the cooldown at 0 (ie, no cooldown), but made so that the portal won't trigger for that player unless they leave out of any existing portal area they are currently in? Also, any way to disable the sound that plays when the throwback triggers?

    The portal setup I'm trying to use is that one portal lands the player into "return portal" area. I want the player to be able to use it immediately, but only when they are entering that region vs moving around while already inside of it. Don't want them to be tossed around like a rag doll and don't want a warning message that they're on a cooldown.
  16. How do I make a portal transport the player to a completely different world?
  17. Watch this video and follow what he does. Only difference is he doesn't do it in different worlds, but the actions are the same (set desti in world you want to go to, then make the portal in the world to portal from).
  18. I did set it up like he did but when I try to use the warp it says "The destination 'fifteen' is linked to the world fifteen which doesnt seem to exist any more!"

    Basically I changed the default world to "fifteen', loaded the server, joined, created the destination on that world. Then I switched back to the default world, re-joined the server and tried to warp to the "fifteen" world. For some reason it's not recognizing it.
  19. Changing the names of worlds will destroy the locations and destinations as they use the names of worlds as identifiers. You will need to rename them in the portals.yml, destination.yml or recreate them if you want to get them to work.