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  1. Hello guys,
    Im thinking about the following :

    - If i remove some commands and their descriptions from any plugin in plugin.yml will it improve performance on a server? Even a bit? Cause my logic is that server doesn't register that command in listeners if the command isn't in plugin.yml, but im not a developer so thats just my theory xd.
    Im looking forward to optimize my server 101% and thats why i am asking this, if you know what i mean. :p

    Here is the example picture of what im talking about :​

  2. When you delete commands, an error occurs
  3. When deleting descriptions nothing will be
  4. And how about renaming the command , example /login command with /login123
  5. Because the author probably made the command in the plugin with that specific command. Also the op wants to improve performance. If you want to "change" a command, just add an alias for a command under it and it will work.
  6. Thanks , i have a question off topic , is authme open source , can i edit the commands and stuff ?
  7. AuthMe Reloaded is. Check the plugin page.
  8. And does error do anything with the perfomance of the server in that case?
  9. If you change the command to another, an error occurs
  10. But it can be written as follows:

    Code (Text):
        aliases: [login123]
  11. And if i do that will /login command work if i put login123 ?
  12. What do you think is the point of adding aliases? Increasing the file size?
  13. No no, i want to disable the command by adding a command players dont know, for example player knows command /help, but if i put in aliases /help41923912 they cant guess that numbers and server will say unknown command.
  14. Not possible, console will warn you on startup. Also, if a player sends /<pluginname>:<command> it will override commands.yml
    /essentials:help overrides
    Code (YAML):
       - bukkit:help
    If the plugin is open source, ask someone to remove the command for you
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  15. Is there any other way to do this?