Advanced warfare pc?

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  1. The only reason i play is because it has the best graphics across all the platforms and my clan plays it. We are #1
  2. I dont have problems except the dedicated servers and not enough people playin it. I have CS:GO but im not a big fan of it so.... :(
  3. Meh its not hard for me to top the leaderboard on PC, the players suck, if you could even join a game
    Clans r useless too because mlg nor any1 else care about the pc version
  4. You do have a fair point and trust me we dont go for all the players that know jack shiz we take on the best of the best good competition and then the clan wars do be interesting. And there is a small section in the mlg for AW PC
  5. Nem


    I was thinking of buying the PC version of the game, but I might wait until BO3 is released. Are you going to get that on PC?
  6. Yes i am hoping as the whole clan is getting it :D
  7. And sorry forgot to say this i wouldn't recommend getting AW for PC as alot of players left if you add me on steam we could discuss. I like it but not enough players on it.
  8. I have recently just sold my GPU when i should have waited until i had around enough to buy the gtx 970 xD. I live in Ireland so i cant walk into like a best buy or go onto newegg and by it. I need the reference design one and the only place that delivers to Ireland is Overclockers uk and its expensive off there so yea.....
  9. Ah xD
  10. i was considering getting it since ive started playing pc more often now but im hesitant since the call of duty's have really declined in quality
  11. xD
  12. Blackops 3 looks to be fun, but they should make a world war II, vietnam/korean war game , not the futuristic :)
    AW sucks, more people play blackops II then AW and Ghost together (what is that 2nd one? ;p )
  13. Hi

    after watching the black ops 3 head dev saying what the game has i was just like are you serious yous basically said yous took everything from aw and but it in black ops 3. I was told the game is ment to be very very demanding so im like damn. And to be honest you are right but ghost is shit in my opinion and i dont like the way black ops 3 looks so im trying to decide if i should get it?
  14. Black Ops III looks (very) diffrent from AW. Will it be better than Black ops 2? I dont know. I hope, that wallrunning and that slide ability will improve the game. And if Multiplayer isnt your thing. You have ofcourse the zombie mode...

    Whoa, trenchyard 1940 theme? (Bit of gangster and movie theme) damn.
    There will be one reason I buy Black Ops 3: That zombie mode...

    Will it be the best COD? well, I dont know. Atleast they try it on a diffrent way this year. And still COD 1 and the expansion (United Offensive) is and stays the best COD (for me). Why? It was a very realistic WOII shooter, and you had the ability to drive tanks and jeeps.
    One of those reasons is that I play battlefield 4.

    But: minecraft paintball is very fun too ^^
  15. Minecraft FTW! xD . On black ops i was literally the bom at zombies and now im all about MP
  16. Well, now u can play the singleplayer with 4 ppl. (singleplayer? think we can better call it something else)

    Think those are fun for a few hours, but everyone gonna play more multiplayer and zombie's
  17. Ikr best Single Player Ever. I played alot of solo zombies trying to beat my record every time it makes it easier sometimes when you dont have anyone wrecking your train or if some gets down you dont need to worry about them so...