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  1. Hello, does your plugin hook with BungeeTablist_BukkitBridge to be able to show prefixes in Tablist And does the plugin able to broadcast AFK messages accross Bungeecord servers ?

    Thank you for informations :)

  2. yess it can show in bungeetablist
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  3. Hmm why do I keep getting notifications for this plugin in discussions?
  4. Yeah it's was already unwatched before
  5. Sorry it was Unwatch Thread not Resource xD right under xD
  6. Thanks for the help
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  7. Yes, prefixes should work, and no, it can't broadcast across Bungeecord servers. However, it would be possible using the Bukkit & Bungee Plugin Messaging Channel. I'll add it to the to-do list.
  8. Thank you for adding it to your to-do list.
    I juste hope it could work without adding a new bungeecord Plugin since we already use BungeeControl and chatcontrolPro.

  9. First of all, I'm terribly sorry it took me so long to look into this.

    Now, after investigating I concluded that it's not a bug, the preset system was, in fact, designed this way. Presets listed first take precedence over those listed afterwards, if there should be a conflict. I'm sorry that wasn't cleared up before, I'll add a note about this in the config.

    In your case, just switch the order of your presets, and it should work as expected.
  10. Prunt updated AdvancedAFK with a new update entry:

    1.16 + your requested features!

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  11. Issue: Player name tag is reset when a player gets out of AFK, even though the playertag and tab thingies are disabled in config.
  12. Yes, tablist name is reset even when it's disabled in the config. I'll fix it soon.
  13. Hi! Am I able to use this plugin for cross-server teleportation when afk for an amount of time? through bungee network
  14. You can run a command that sends a player to another server, just put it under “auto.kick.commands”. You do need a Spigot plugin that can teleport players to another server for this to work, though.
  15. Okay this works perfectly. I do have one question though. I want to add priority join for donators. This would kick a player from the server. It would work like this: Donator joins, server is full. Try to look up an AFK player. Check if they're donators. If they're not, kick and let the donator in. If there's no AFK players, look for a normal player. How would I go around this? Is there an API?
  16. There isn't an API for AdvancedAFK, but I can add this feature in the future.