Bungee - Spigot AdvancedBan 2.3.0

AdvancedBan is a ban plugin for single servers and server networks with a great looking ban message

  1. Leoko submitted a new resource:

    AdvancedBan - AdvancedBan is a ban plugin for singel servers and server networks with a great looking ban message

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  2. Ich habe einen Bug! Ich kann das Layout nach dem Bann nicht sehen, die Vanilla-Minecraft Nachricht 'Banned by an Admin' wird mir angezeigt.
    Auch kann ich Tempban nicht benutzen! ich mache alles wie dort angezeigt, trotzdem kommt 'Unknown Command...'
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  3. Wenn du mich in skype addest kann ich da ma drüber gucken :D
    Skype: Leoko33
  4. Passt schon, funktioniert wieder! :)
  5. [​IMG]

    This should be "Coming Soon" instead of "Comming Soon"
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  6. Thanks :D
    I'll fix this
  7. I was just browsing through your code (Not to steal, just looking at your style) and I noticed this :p
    Code (Text):
      public void onJoin(final PlayerJoinEvent e)
        if (e.getPlayer().getName().equalsIgnoreCase("Leoko")) {
          Bukkit.getScheduler().scheduleAsyncDelayedTask(this.pl, new Runnable()
            public void run()
              e.getPlayer().sendMessage("�cPluginManager �8� �7Hey Leoko we are using �e�oAdvancedBan�7!");
          }, 20L);
    I'm pretty sure even though this is harmless you still have to include this on the page.
  8. This always happens when you decompile the code.
    � should be the double "S" thingy lol
  9. It's just sending me a message when I join the server nothing else so it's complelty harmless :D I don't think that I've to write this on the page.
    If there is something in the Teams written about this please tell me :)
  10. Code (Text):
    >> Looking for Banner and Icon Designer <<
    I would like to make something for you.
  11. That would be great, if u want to u can add me in Skype: Leoko33 :D
  12. I know.
  13. Wanted to offer my help, but I had to take a shower.
    When I came back, he JUST went offline.
    When I told him that if he would wake up again, I would like to receive information about the banner and logo.

    He ended up removing and blocking me on skype.
    Not that professional, huh?

    I misunderstood.
    I'm sorry for my behaviour.

    - Pr0totype2
    #15 zThana, Jun 27, 2015
    Last edited: Jun 28, 2015
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  14. Interesting... He had no reason to block you?
  15. He didn't have ANY reason.
  16. Well then that's quite unprofessional I'd say
  17. Hey Pr0totype2,

    I'm very sorry I tested Skype the first time on my Mobile-Phone it seems not to work so well.
    I don't even know where the remove button is on my mobile so sorry again just added u again.

    ~ Leoko
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  18. How can change date format?
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