Bungee - Spigot AdvancedBan 2.3.0

AdvancedBan is a ban plugin for single servers and server networks with a great looking ban message

  1. In the AdvancedBans message config you can change the name colors in there. AB only uses the player's username

    Can't change this currently sadly :/

    By default all data in stored in I believe a db file in the plugin's folder. If you opted to use MySQL then it'll be saved there.
  2. how to unbanip?
  3. /unban <user> should work. If not try /unipban
  4. Where is the folder that save who has been banned?
  5. I love the plugin, but does anyone know if u can use hex/rgb colours in the config?
  6. Hi!

    If "EssentialsX" is among the plugins, the console will not recognize the following commands.

    advancedban:kick, advancedban:ban, advancedban:banip, etc...

    So far, I've considered deleting commands in "plugin.yml" in "Essentials" as a solution.
    But that doesn't logically stop it, since the "advancedban:" link only calls the plugin command, but it's still mixed with "Essentials."

    I find it interesting. :eek:
  7. Pretty sure console doesn't recognize <plugname>:<command> commands at all. At least on my server, it doesn't.
  8. The server must recognize it. There is a problem with EssentialsX.
    The EssentialsX penalty commands behave differently.
    They affect the <plugin>:<command> sections.

    And it's not just that with AdvancedBan.
    I just simply deleted the punitive commands for the EssentialsX, problem solved.
  9. please update the plugin to 1.18
  10. Does anyone know if it's possible to convert the default storage database to MySQL?
  11. there are free converters online
  12. update please i love this plugin 1.18
  13. It works on 1.18
  14. Hi! How to allow console to unban players? Config don't have that option. On lower versions i didn't have that issue.
  15. /unban (player name) ?
  16. Please add option to ban all alt accounts as well.
    No, I don't mean banning the IP.

    For example:
    account1 (ip
    account2 (ip
    account3 (ip and
    account4 (ip
    account5 (ip and
    account6 (ip
    account7 (ip and
    account8 (ip

    And command could be:
    /banalts accountname depth

    For example:
    /banalts account1 2

    Would ban account1, acc2, acc3, acc4, acc5, but would NOT ban acc6, acc7, acc8

    If used depth 3: /banalts account1 3
    Then system would ban also acc6 and acc7, but not acc8 since it's at depth 4.

    Yes, I am aware that there could be "public" IP (school or something) that is being used by many-many accounts.
    That could be triggered as an exception and needs manual interaction.

    Also, please add IP-banning that BANS an account, not denies it from joining.
    What I mean is that if you ban IP and some account tries to join from that IP, then that account gets stopped, blocked from joining.
    But if that very same account changes their IP, then they can join, because now they have different IP that's not banned.
    What would be great that every time some account tries to join with banned IP, then also that account gets banned.
  17. The ability to kick/ban everyone currently on the server would be nice to have, using something like “kick @a” or “kick *”. Thanks in advance!