Bungee - Spigot AdvancedBan 2.3.0

AdvancedBan is a ban plugin for single servers and server networks with a great looking ban message

  1. Wenn du diese Nachricht bekommst, dann weil du den command falsch benutzt, das Plugin zeigt dir dann an wie der Command richtig benutzt wird. zB /kick Leoko :p

    PS.: Englisches Forum = Englische Posts -> Wäre nice wenn du deine Posts auf englisch verfassen könntest, damit leute mit dem gleichen Problem das auch lesen können ;)
  3. @TonyDrei

    Can you post what permissions you have given and what command you use?
    You should read this post here as the given permission was misinterpreted on how to use it.
  4. Hi,
    We face an issue with AdvancedBans on Bungee. It consumes a LOT of ram.

    Any solutions for that?
  5. Are you using MySQL or Files?
  6. I am not using SQL for the while being, though if necesary I can!
  7. If you have a moderate amount of punishments it's recommended to use MySQL instead of File
  8. Yes, I get that.
    Though, I just installed it and ram flew to the tops!

    (2GB Bungeecord Server) 50-80 players
  9. If youre english please translate this to English!

    Ich habe ein Problem. Das Plugin läuft auf BungeeCord in 1.8 auf der aktuellen Plugin-Version. Jedes Mal wenn jemand etwas in den Chat schreibt, fängt der Server ein paar Sekunden an zu laggen und dann kommt die gewollte Nachricht. In der BungeeCord Konsole kommt bei jeder Nachricht dies:

    16:17:38 [WARNING] Event ChatEvent(super=TargetedEvent(sender=itsRaym, [email protected]), cancelled=false, message=was?!) took 1,540,801,605ns to process!

    Das "Was?!" ist eine Nachricht gewesen. "itsRaym" ist ein Spieler.
    #849 RiccNetwork, Nov 13, 2016
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  10. Benutzt du MySQL oder File?
  11. Ich nutze File.
  13. Ich möchte kein MySQL benutzen. Außerdem war das früher nicht.
    Ich hatte dein Plugin schon einmal.
  14. @RiccNetwork @Leoko

    I to have this message from time to time and I do use MySQL db
    Code (Text):

    14:32:20 [WARNING] Event ChatEvent(super=TargetedEvent(sender=playername, [email protected]), cancelled=false, message=players message) took 335,855,789ns to process!
  15. So, i did state that i am running on 1.8.8, didn't I? Maybe that changed over time?
    In my case, Setting up Pex and AdvancedBan on each and every server makes sense due to hosting a server network with many affiliates to it... So people who got banned on one part of the server may not need to be banned on another part. And because it is a collaboration, we cannot split the servers up to multiple BungeeCords. So each part of the Server, depending on who is it's admin, has one DB.
  16. @ComicZockt

    You did mentioned you were using mc1.8.8, but I don't think that should matter.
    As long you have your servers set up to individual DB's then that should be fine (but then you can't see the banlist from server1 when your on server2)

    Is it only the command /banlist that isn't working or are there more commands not working?
    Have you checked if the plugin is connecting to your DB? (you didn't mention if it's data.yml or MySQL)
  17. Hi

    Could You add in thé config file thé possibility to set a list of commands that will be automatically executed by the console each time that a moderator do a tempban or a ban in the server ? I remember that before your last big update It was possible to do. After You removed this option. Why? It was useful for us.

    Best regards


    @Superfilk @claudiaxd
  18. 14:32:20 [WARNING] Event ChatEvent(super=TargetedEvent(sender=playername, [email protected]), cancelled=false, message=players message) took 335,855,789ns to process!

    This problem is on every server with every player. I dont wanna annoy you but all my players are annoyed of this problem! Please help. I made everything right...
  19. I get that on console not in game... I do not know though

    /ban does not work though /tempban does...
  20. @TehGreekGamerJIM

    The error comes indeed from the bungee console and not ingame, I'm not sure when using single server setup if that is the same.

    What permission have you given for the command /ban?