Bungee - Spigot AdvancedBan 2.3.0

AdvancedBan is a ban plugin for single servers and server networks with a great looking ban message

  1. Yes.
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  2. when are you gonna update the webpanel for custom meesgaes & designs
    and when player banned joins with sameip warning
  3. in the config.yml
  4. Hello I noticed that with your ban / kick plugins ... on some plugin aulieux ban with this plugin it goes ban with essentials (for example) the same on the console when we ban a player on the console its the ban with Essentials must go into the config to go deban or unmute.
    Thanks for reading and if not continuous super plugin !!!
  5. Well normally essentials-commands should be overridden automatically but anyway if not, you will have to use /advancedban:command like /advancedban:ban or simply disable the essentials commands in the config.yml of essentials.
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  6. The custom design for the webpanel is already working :D
    But the other features you asked for will have to wait because I've currently not so much time to work on advancedban
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  7. Plugin somehow managed to disconnect himself from database... So I rolled back to old version (10.3), where everything is stable.
    #887 Gerolf, Nov 22, 2016
    Last edited: Nov 22, 2016
  8. Love this Plugin, I only give it a 3 Because the permissions that you wrote on the page did not work. It still says "No perm" for me.. Please help.
    (Im using your plugin on spigot server not bungee)

    I will give it a 5 if you help, thank you.
  9. @Adrihun

    Can you post what permissions you are giving?
  10. Is there support for /jail?
  11. What are the permissions? The one that is on the main page doesn't work! SOMEONE PLEASE HELP
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  14. All of the permissions on the main page work.
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  15. Not for me, it says "no permission" ....
  16. You sure?
    What permissions plugin are you using?
    Are you running the right command?
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  17. i put the permissions in my groupmanager world config. (those that are on the main page)
    the commands are working and i use the right ones..
    only if im op then it works
  18. Please help...

    - advbans.kick
    - advbans.ban
    - advbans.tmpban
    - advbans.unban

    Only works if im OP.
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  19. @Adrihun

    I already asked what permissions you are using but you failed to answer that and started shouting.
    Shouting and threatening with bad review doesn't gonna help you any bit.

    So finally you are posting the permissions but have totally the wrong ones.
    I have made a post earlier with all the permissions listed as they should be added in a bungee setup here.
    If you are using a single server setup then use them in the permission file otherwise (with a bungee) put them in the bungee config as the example.

    To make things easier I post all individual permissions here again

    Code (Text):

      - ab.warn.temp
      - ab.tempwarn.notify
      - ab.tempwarn.exempt
      - ab.warn.perma
      - ab.warn.notify
      - ab.warn.exempt
      - ab.warn.undo
      - ab.mute.temp
      - ab.tempmute.notify
      - ab.tempmute.exempt
      - ab.mute.perma
      - ab.mute.notify
      - ab.mute.exempt
      - ab.mute.undo
      - ab.kick.use
      - ab.kick.notify
      - ab.kick.exempt
      - ab.ban.temp
      - ab.tempban.notify
      - ab.tempban.exempt
      - ab.ban.perma
      - ab.ban.notify
      - ab.ban.exempt
      - ab.ban.ip
      - ab.ipban.notify
      - ab.ipban.exempt
      - ab.ban.undo
      - ab.check
      - ab.banlist
      - ab.history
      - ab.systemprefs
      - ab.reload

    Permissions are listed on the main page (section "commands/perms")but you need to read it first.
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  20. I use a bungee setup, but i don't want to use the bungeecord admin stuff? I like groupmanager better. So i HAVE TO use those in the bungee cord? Anyway, how do i even make myself admin on bungee??