Bungee - Spigot AdvancedBan 2.3.0

AdvancedBan is a ban plugin for single servers and server networks with a great looking ban message

  1. @Adrihun

    If you open the post linked in my message you see a part of your(my) bungee config. Compare this with your own one to see were you fill in who is admin and who can be moderator.

    If you like Groupmanager better for this then you need to give on each server the permissions to your staff. The disadvantage is then that when you ban 1 player on server A you need to ban him/her on server B too etc etc. This is not an efficient way to use this plugin.

    An other disadvantage of using this separate on each server is that you have the plugin multiple times running (wasting resources) while by using it on the bungee you only have it once running and have to ban a player only once which will then be global for every server in your bungee setup.
  2. Bad plugin, 1/10
  3. So much complicated s**** when you could just use Groupmanager, switching to litebans.
  4. Good for you.
    Learn to not double post. ;)
  5. @Adrihun

    If you dont know how to setup a server with bungee or as single server then don't take it out on the dev's.
    This plugin works a charm but due to your ignorance, incapability and reading skills to use a plugin you blame the dev.

    Remember that I'm not the dev and I'm not in anyway associated with this plugin, but atleast I know how to use it properly
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  6. Litebans is easier to use and better. 1/10 - bad plugin
  7. @Adrihun

    As you showed earlier that your incompetent to add permissions to the bungee config then I'm really sorry to tell you that you have exactly to do same with LiteBans.
    Only this time you PAID $7.50 while AdvancedBan is free.
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  8. Hello, are there any permissions for the command /unban? For some players ab.ban does not work - does another permission exist?
  9. @thomi100

    use the perm ab.ban.undo
    There is a list with all perms in the spoiler (configuration of bungeecord) on the main page or just a few messages previous then here
  10. Okay, thank you!
  11. Hey, i want to tell you my suggestions for Future Updates with this Post. My Server Team Miss this features from the 1.0 Version, and have some cool suggestions too.

    - CustomCommands on Ban/ Kick/ Mute : for broadcasting when someone gets banned/kicked/muted [for example]

    - See the Reason and the Operator with the /check command when an player is muted/ banned

    - add an function to enable/ disable the "tried to join but is banned" message which is configurable

    - an command to edit the banreason from an player. At the moment u must unban him and ban him again with another reason.
    example: /editban [player] [newtime] [newreason]

    - an silent ban argument like -s at the End of the Ban/mute/kick command

    I hope u will take some Time to read and answer to my Post^^

  12. This plugin accept specjal characters like ' and "
    When anybody use it for example for tempmute, plugin is crashing until i manually remove that from database.
    repair that. text should be parsed before it go to mysql. wtf.
  13. @datura

    It would be helpful to post the log with the crash.
    Also the AdvancedBan version would help.

    You might need to do 2 ' (EG. island''s instead of island's) or 2 "
  14. pls update to spigot 1.11
  15. Thanks for the ideas I've added some of them to the TO-DO-List on the main page :)
    But please keep in mind that I've currently no time to work on advancedban so it will take some time until they will be added to the plugin
  16. Is it not working on 1.11? Please send me an error-log so I can see what I'll have to update
  17. I have no issue's on mc1.11 and AdvancedBan
    No log needed. Illegach character in sql syntax = '

    So when i got bungecord + 6 servers and 1 of 20 moderators wrote by mistake ' in command, plugin crash on evry server and bungecord = i am unable to mute or ban anyone before shuting down 6 servers and bungecord, deleting row from database and start evrything again.
    This is working as it should be? I DINT THINK SO.
    Repair plugin
  19. @datura

    It feels to me like I'm getting attacked here for trying to help out.
    I'm not the dev here so I will step back and let others solve this for you.
  20. First of all stop offending people who are trying to help you!
    This bug will be fixed asap but as I've already mentioned a few times before I'm currently not working so much advancedban.
    But the Sourcecode is public on GitHub so feel free to fix this by your own :p

    Finally I'd like to thank @dutchy1001 and @BrettplayMC for helping out with the support and that they even answer the more unkind people which I'd just ignore ;)
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