Spigot AdvancedBanGUI - MOVED!! 2.2


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    ▶ AdvancedBanGUI (1.8-1.13) ◀ - Punishment GUI | Fully Customizable - A spigot AdvancedBanGUI plugin, completely configurable(3 config files), lots of updates!

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  2. Just wondering, can you add support for the servers that use AdvancedBan for BungeeCord?
  3. Just looked over it currently no as bungeecord does not connect to a spigot plugin. I am working on a solution.
  4. Thought so D: But thank you anyway.
  5. I am working on a way currently though.
  6. I have not got the plugin yet, but is there a way to add more options. So if I want like 5 or 6 different type of mutes or temp bans, etc.
  7. Currently your limited but the plugin is open source.
  8. I can't code and I'm too poor to pay a developer so that won't be needed for me xD
  9. Anything about Bungee support?
  10. "You are not allowed to decompile the code of the plugin"

    literally open-src

  11. Put AdvancedBan on each server connected via mysql to the same database will do the same thing as bungeecord
  12. Lol, thats just copied and pasted from my other plugins
  13. Your plugins so good,I can translate your plugin and share it with Tiawan?
  14. Sorry no
  15. The ban feature is currently not woking, if I click on an item to ban someone it gives me the Unknown command error. By looking in the console I came to the conclusion the plugin is exeuting /tempbanwerra11 instead of /tempban werra11 . So a space is missing. (this is only the issue with tempban. Mute and normal ban seems to be working fine)

    I would also like to be able to change the menu. For example, I want to add a severity 2 & 3 to general offences, but that's currently not possible.