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    Hello everyone, I am currently looking for beta testers for my upcoming premium duel plugin. This plugin will feature an Elo ranking system, unlimited arena, trackable stats and alot more.
    If you wish to participate to this beta test, please post on this thread saying that you are interested.
    (And of course, after the beta test you will added to the buyers list)

    - Be owner of a small sized server (5-50) players
    - Be able to give feedback and suggestions
    - Have skype

    Thank you,


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  2. I listen to my senpai.
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  3. Just make sure to have support for plugins that modify health/damage, etc :)
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  4. What do you mean? The plugin itself wont touch to the damage & health
  5. I'm interested. Does it have to be bungee?
  6. Adnan_
    No, it doesn't have to be a bungee server. I'm currently finishing the build for the beta version, I'll message you when it will be fixed.
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  7. I'm still looking testers.
  8. Looking for one last tester!
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    Next time, please read this thread, to make sure that you get the most relevant help. Thank you!
  10. The beta version is already finished, sorry
  11. Yo can i be a Beta Tester for my server please! i got skype and a decent server i can get more ppl to buy youre plugin
  12. Lol, it already ended, did you see the post above you?
  13. I wan't to try this plugin! I'm the owner of my network xD

    Can I put this plugin in my Training server?
    Thanks a lot!

    I'm spanish
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  14. Do you see the date of the thread?
  15. Will the beta testers have an advantage over other players when everyone gets locked in the game and can't take off their nerve gear?
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  16. People cannot read, right?

    It already ended.
  17. eqx


    ended over a year ago LOL
  18. Mmm... no sorry
  19. eqx


    *15 days later...*