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  2. I just had to buy this plugin when it was at the top of resources
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  3. I actually do have a few mega tons of ideas and suggestions for this plugin:-

    1. Different crate tiers, originally from CrazyCrates, thought it would be nice if it was a thing in this plugin
    Of course, same deal, different crates tier has a chance configuration of drop rate and different crate tiers can have different block types which can also be configured

    2. Classic flares, pretty self explanatory. But with a little bit of a twist. Uppon right click of a flare, the flare item itself will be dropped on to the ground for a few ticks/seconds, after that a firework effect will trigger sending it to the sky, a countdown will start and once it reaches 0, the crates starts dropping

    3. A pick locking feature, this idea originally came from GTAMC. When the supply crate/envoy drops, you will need to start crack open the supply crate/envoy in order to break open to get the loot. The time that is required to break open the lock can be configured in config as a boolean and time arg

    Hopefully you could understand the crap I just said if not then just reply and I'll try to make it shorter~
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    Will add these, thanks for suggesting!
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  6. Can you add SkyBlock support ? Envoy drop each player's island.
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    How'd that work? A crate for each player's island?
  8. Alright I've properly test out this plugin and I have to say, I'm quite disappointed but I don't wanna give it up since I paid for this and I think a lot of these issues can change

    For starters, what the fuck is this?

    Again, not exactly pissed off but was disappointed presentation wise.

    Secondly, and again, the terrible and pointless presentations
    When the crate lands onto the ground, it triggers a really cool block explosion event yet the sound of the explosion was completely gone which really triggered a lot of players in my server.
    And I did check the config yet there is no options that fixes that issue.

    Another issue that I'm having is receiving the goods from the crate itself. If you ever used the old and abandoned premium plugin called "SupplyCrates/Envoy", you'll know that when left clicking will break the chest and drop the goods and right clicking it will then open the GUI and once you took out all the items from the chest, it will break and disappear as well. But instead this plugin does it the wrong way round. Uppon left and right, it just opens up the GUI anyway and if you do not take the items out, it will disappear with the chest.

    Last and finally, I don't have much else to say, if you do fix these issues then the plugin is perfect in that state, even in presentation wise.
  9. And one more thing, /envoy reload is not a thing which is literally the most annoying thing ever.
  10. Oh my god...

    After further inspections, I've found out that this plugin had 1 more issues that is more annoying then I thought

    Some don't consider it is an issue but it is annoying none the less.
    If you have a few envoy locations, for example 6 envoy locations set and setting the crate amount to 100, it will GIVE OUT AN ERROR SAYING THAT IT COULDN'T FIND ENOUGH LOCATIONS TO START THE ENVOY
    Some people may think it is okay and to me, its not TOO big of an issue but holy shit that is annoying.

    The way I suggest you fixing this issue is to let players enable the option to fill up all envoy locations instead of just chance

    "crate-count: 2-4"
    "fill-all-envoy-locations: (boolean)"

    If it is set to true then it will ignore the crate-count and will proceed to fill up all the envoy locations, if it is set to fault (by default) then it will proceed to follow the chance amount.
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    "what the fuck is this" doesn't describe your issue considering is down, can't help with that then. (edit: it's literally in configuration, you can remove it).
    It's not an explosion, it's a manually done animation and it's not supposed to have a sound. I don't see why you would considering this "an issue". It's more of a missing feature, and I'll add it.

    Again, with breaking/opening - not an issue. This can be a suggestion for me to add. I never used "supplycrates" and couldn't care less about what it had versus what this has, but now that you mentioned this I can add it without a problem.

    Could use PlugMan or reload the server, but now since that's a valid suggestion I'll add that.
    An error is better than just not starting it at all. You can set crate-count to an actual number rather than "doing it by chance". I'll add that setting to start them all though.

    This is literally second build of it, like anything else it starts out basic and then works it's way up with the help of suggestions. No need to be this impulsive at me.
  12. Don't misunderstood my arguments, I'm not being impulsive, I'm just frustrated.

    I expected a cleaner build version, and not random test messages.

    I also just found out that upon restart of the server with the envoys still in progress, when the server came back up, the crates just turns into chests.

    But again, I tend to get insanely fucking frustrated when it comes to testing out new plugins, especially those we paid for. My expectations for this was quite high especially the fact that there aren't a lot of envoy/supplycrates plugins

    The best one was SupplyCrate itself but that died off as a premium resource years ago.
    And I'll be completely honest, this plugin is basically our last hope. An active developer and a paid resource, don't disappoint us, we're basically counting on you.

    we're as in, my entire GTA-MC community. Once we are done with this feature, we can basically release.
  13. One thing that I do largely appreciate is the quick response and support. Not a lot of developers can pull that off, even with a discord support channel.
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  15. none of the commands are working its like it isnt loaded in but it is
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    Fixed! Sorry.
  18. Alrighty, everything works fine now