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    AdvancedItemCommands - An Advanced version of the ItemCommands plugin with more options and features!

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  2. Hate to be that one guy but doesn't essentials already offer this with Power-Tools, Im not a big fan of essentials but I'd say a majority of the community already has a free version of this on there server, just a few limitations :p
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    Version 2.0

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  4. Great work. What I think you should add is to be able to use custom messages when executing the items.
  5. Mmmmh. Shouldn't the command that is executed send the custom messages?
  6. Ok ok ok ok ok ok. So here's the deal. I used to use the old itemcommands plugin, but that only worked on online server creators. I got a few questions before I buy this one. 1. Does it work right on servers that are run on your IP? The old one didn't work for servers like that (at least for me.) 2. Does it work for 1.13.2? I don't want to buy it and find out that it doesn't work on 1.13.2 servers. Please answer my questions.
  7. Really really want to purchase this plugin. However, what about running commands as operators? Loads of old ItemCommand plugins I recall using had the ability to bypass permissions or run commands as an operator. I highly suggest adding this if you have the time.
  8. Do you mean running the command as a player but bypass all permissions or do you mean running the command from the console?
  9. There's wayy better non-premium options, i don't suggest buying something like this. If you need free alternatives, pm. me.

    To the author: I'd suggest making this more unique, in it's current state, it doesn't look very attractive. Mostly in that you can do the same things with Essentials /powertool and Worldedit /brush command

    Added to the fact that there's several other free-resources which have better reviews & more solid features.
  10. Well have fun using Essentials then.
  11. is there support for 1.12.2? and is it possible to add a command to all diamond_pickaxes on the server at once!