Spigot AdvancedKits Reloaded 1.1.14

AdvancedKitsReloaded is a Kit managing plugin.

  1. I added the permission advancedkits.buy to the group, but players can't use the command /kit buy (I don't speak about a specific kit)
  2. Little update

    Well, it's been a while since I updated the plugin.
    Sadly I have too many things to do and less and less free time.
    I'll try to update the plugin as soon as I can but you'll need to be patient.​

    New prerelease with a few fixes
    Please let me know if you find other bugs. Thanks.
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  3. When will the update be about 1.2.0? Our server really needs the ability to translate one line, described in GitHub.
  4. You can track it's progress here: https://github.com/TryHardDood/AdvancedKitsReloaded/issues/71

  5. I have already seen it and very much appreciate your contribution to the project, but I wanted to know an approximate date of release. How do you think, when the update will be available?
  6. I cannot tell you and nor I can give you eta because I don't know when do I have free time.
  7. Hey! I have a huge bug my players can use only one time a kit how I can change this?
  8. Which version do you use?
  9. I use 1.12 but I figured out that the bug is only by buying kits for using there is no bug.
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  10. I am having issues after server restarts. The config clears itself is there a fix. Logged on github.
  11. Hi, this is a great plugin, I have been enjoying it so far. Will it be updated for 1.13? Also, Is there a way to change the title header in the GUI so it says the server name instead of AdvancedKits - View Kit?

    Thanks so much!
  12. please update plugin to support 1.13~1.14