Premium AdvancedLogin (PIN GUI Login) [Paid]

Discussion in 'Resource Discussion' started by Leoko, Aug 7, 2015.

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  2. I have a suggession: when player resets pin, same welcome message appears on screen as the time of registration, could change that
  3. Hey ! i have a small issue. Does the plugin add an invisibility effect at connection ?
    Because, I keep this effect even after I entered my pin, and it's kind of a problem ^^'
  4. No, the plugin does not give invisibility. Try removing other plugins to find out which one causes it.
    (Btw: You will receive faster support through our discord :))
  5. Hmm ok thanks, I'm gonna check my plugins. :)
  6. Great plugin, but couldn't you make it so that even after the server restarts, the session is remembered, so the player doesn't have to log in again?
  7. It could add:


    Players could have as many accounts as would be set in the configuration file.
  8. Hi, I would like to know if this plugin uses UUID to determine the player or a common name
  9. 1. Hello, can i ask you? Is possible somehow "secure" this plugin for players, who have slow internet speed? Because on some player have the slow speed of internet, and then if player is connect on server, GUI will not show him. So, player don't know what he must do.

    2. I don't know if is this issue or not, but if i have set in config file "SaveIP: true", and time is setten to any time i want, is not working. After restarting my server, i do connect on it and still need PIN. So autoLogin not working correctly.
  10. add setting for How long before the GUI will showing up.
  11. Email Account Recovery would be welcomed addition
  12. hey
    wanted to ask u , does ur plugin protects against uuid spoof ? with pin system
    and do does it force all ops to have pin? (cz i need that)
  13. That plugin hasn't been updated since 2015
  14. Hi
    Can I ask if you're working on updating it for 1.18?
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  15. If i get an option to hide glass panes representing empty pin slots to enable compatibility with bedrock, I'll buy and recommend.
  16. I'm having a player problem where even on pocket edition the players log in but still have the PIN inventory items occupying their inventory, deleting previous items.
  17. Hi, I purchased the AdvancedLogin plugin, and wanted to add two-factor authentication via AuthMe. Except that when I go to insert
    - 'login: enter pin'
    And try to log into my server to authenticate, AuthMe completely overloads AdvancedLogin. So it doesn't even let me enter the AuthMe PIN and I can't access the server. What should I do?