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Discussion in 'Resource Discussion' started by Ean244, Jul 17, 2017.

  1. 68B


    No. I want the max tickets to be 5 for that rank but its still giving the max as 1...
  2. Was the server restarted since the permissions were modified? The plugin actually caches the max number of tickets a player can buy. So, restarting will help refresh the max tickets limit.
  3. instead of making economy load before advanced lottery why dont you make advanced lottery load after everything else, so that way you dont mess up other plugins that are loading before economy due to this lottery plugin
  4. When lottery end gives money to everyone...
  5. Hi @rayafe4721q4,
    What server version are you running? Can I also look at your config folder?
  6. hey, currently im using 1.12.2 here is my config folder confff.png
  7. I'm sorry, I meant config file . I need the contents in config.yml.
  8. I was kinda confused :D
    here is config file bro kasd.png
  9. Tax should be a value between 0 - 1, for your case I think you want 0.1, can you try changing that and see if the error still persists?