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  1. Sure ill work on it
  2. Can you give me more info, how did the player bought the ticket?
  3. from /lottery menu, and clicked on the compass
  4. Thanks ill work on it
  5. Can I see your config too?
  6. # Lottery version: 3.0
    # Configuration file: change desired values here, kindly pm me on spigot if you have questions @Ean224
    check_for_updates: true
    count_down_time: 60
    buy_price: 10000
    max_ticket: 100
    allow_broadcast: false
    play_out_title_when_win: false
    anvil_cancel_sound: true
    player_win_sound: true
    seconds: ' secondi'
    minutes: ' minuti, '
    hours: ' ore, '
    help_gui_name: '&c&lLotteria Help Menu'
    menu_gui_name: '&cLotteria n.&7%number%'
    confirm_gui_name: '&cTicket Shop'
    player_gui_name: '&c&lPlayer Stats'
    starting_money_in_pot: 0
  7. Mines working fine, are you on offline mode?
  8. Ok found the bug. Will fix it.
  9. # Lottery items configuration file - this file will load the items in guis
    # Waring: if any errors are detected, this file will automatically reset to default
    name: '&c&lTempo rimanente'
    lore: '&7Tempo rimanente prima dell''estrazione &a%time%'
    material: WATCH
    name: '&c&lSoldi nella lotteria'
    lore: '&7Ci sono al momento &c$%money% &7nella lotteria'
    material: CAULDRON_ITEM
    instructions_name: '&c&lIstruzioni'
    instructions_lore: '&7Questa pagina mostra le istruzioni per la lotteria'
    instructions_material: BOOK_AND_QUILL
    help_tutorial_name: '&e&lPremio'
    help_tutorial_lore_1: '&7Solo un giocatore può vincere la lotteria e quest''ultimo'
    help_tutorial_lore_2: '&7Vincerà l''intera somma presente nella lotteria'
    help_tutorial_material: EMERALD
    command_intro_name: '&c&lComandi'
    command_intro_lore_1: '&c/lottery&8-&7 Comando Principale!'
    command_intro_lore_2: '&c/lottery help&8-&7 Help Menu'
    command_intro_lore_3: '&c/lottery time&8-&7 Countdown della lotteria'
    command_intro_lore_4: '&c/lottery buy&8-&7 Compra i Ticket per la lotteria!'
    command_intro_material: BOOK
    next_page_name: '&c&lProssima Pagina'
    next_page_lore: '&7Guarda la pagina successiva'
    next_page_material: ARROW
    previous_page_name: '&c&lPagina Precedente'
    previous_page_lore: '&7Guarda la pagina precedente'
    previous_page_material: ARROW
    buy_ticket_name: '&c&lCompra un Ticket'
    buy_ticket_lore: '&7Cliccami per comprare un ticket'
    buy_ticket_material: COMPASS
    confirm_info_name: '&6&lCONFIRM PURCHASE'
    confirm_info_lore: '&7Clicca per confermare il pagamento'
    confirm_info_material: BOOK
    confirm_block_name: '&a&lCONFIRM'
    confirm_block_material: EMERALD_BLOCK
    cancel_block_name: '&c&lCANCEL'
    cancel_block_material: REDSTONE_BLOCK
    ticket_amount_name: '&c&l%ticket% &7Ticket da comprare'
    ticket_amount_material: PAPER
    ticket_amount_lore: '&7Compra &e%ticket% &7Ticket per &c$%money%'
    add_ticket_name: '&a&lAggiungi'
    add_ticket_material: ARROW
    add_ticket_lore: '&7Aggiungi un ticket'
    minus_ticket_name: '&c&lLeva'
    minus_ticket_material: ARROW
    minus_ticket_lore: '&7Leva un ticket'
    send_message_name: '&6&lInvia un messaggio'
    send_message_material: PAPER
    send_message_lore: '&7Invia un messaggio a &c%player%'
    tickets_bought_name: '&c&lTickets Comprati'
    tickets_bought_material: EMERALD
    tickets_bought_lore: '&c%player%&7 Ha comprato &c%ticket%&7 ticket'
  10. @TheForest fixed the bug and added the donor permission. Check the updates
  11. Ok i downloaded it but when i open lottery menu, yes i see the tickets, but i can't see how many tickets he buy, if i left click or right click on heads nothing appned
  12. Ehi i think there is another bug, when i do /lottery menu and i click on the compass for buy ticket, if i buy one ticket, when i try to rebuy another ticket he say You can't buy another ticket, you have reach the max, but i bought only one .-.
  13. I assume you have a donor perm.
    You must set the max ticket for donor in the config file.
    Please check the updates
    Tip: Donor permission is advancedlottery.donor
  14. Ok i downloaded it but when i open lottery menu, yes i see the tickets, but i can't see how many tickets he buy, if i left click or right click on heads nothing appned For this?
  15. whats his name? more info? error? mines ok tho..
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  16. he don't give error, anything
  17. Name?