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Discussion in 'Resource Discussion' started by Ean244, Jul 17, 2017.

  1. @TheForest what is your server ip, ill join and see
  2., can you send me your nick? i need to add you to the AntiBot bypass, becouse my server is an italian server
  3. Ian2024
  4. Hello :) The command /lottery reload
    not really work :/
  5. Yeah, it's quite buggy for now I'm still trying to fix it
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  6. Hello, can you fix this bug?
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  7. I'll fix it asap. I'm still in my exams now. I'll fix it on Wednesday when my exams end. Sorry
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  8. Good luck dude :)
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  9. Thx
  10. Yes good luck too
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  11. When the server restart all my members lose money
  12. You mean like balance becomes zero?
    Please give me your server ip, I'll join and help you
  13. No problem ^^
    Ip :

    Just when my members write /lottery buy and I restart the server, my members lose the money ticket :/ And they need to re-buy more tickets :/
  14. Ohh... I see. So, this is my lottery logic, money will be saved when the server is online, when the sever stops, it will not be saved, because the countdown period will mostly be a few hours so theres no need to save the money
  15. Wait! I've got an idea, ill create a command which can be executed by admins to make the countdown turn 0 and end the lottery so that the sever can restart. Gonna add it in next update.
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  16. Will there be a sale anytime soon?