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  1. I personally dont like sales
    It would be unfair for first buyers, the price will always increase and never decrease, if you buy it now it is cheaper that if you buy it a few months from now
  2. I see. Thanks.

    Quick question though. When I set the max amount of tickets to buy right. Say I set it to 200 will they have to confirm 200 times or is there a way to speed up the process and buy in bulks?
  3. You can buy 200 tickets once, you just need to set it in the config
  4. I get that. Here is what I am saying.

    Obviously it's like and all. I want players to buy more then 1 ticket sometimes to get there kick higher right. And I set the max in config to 200 I don't want them purchase 200 and everyone has 200 as soon as you purchase a ticket you see what I'm saying?
  5. No. No. You got me wrong
    In the confirmation menu, players can specify how many tickets they want to buy
    a player who buys the tickets twice can do so by specifying in the confirmation menu to buy two tickets
    I apologise if I misunderstood you.
    If you still have any questions, you can contact me on discord, ill show you the plugin:p

    info: the video is outdated
  6. Interesting. Then I'll buy that's how I got confused. Thank you very much for the understanding
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  7. If you have any questions or requests, just post it here, im happy to help:)
  8. It's very weird. When I change an Item ID for the items like when I change the cauldron to FLOWER_POT does not work and when I add the ID it does not work either including /lottery reload to see change instead I have to restart my server for that.
  9. Lottery reload is buggy for now, im trying to fix it
    Whats your server version >1.8 or <1.8
    heres the list of materials:
    You cant use item ids
  10. If I may suggest something you should make it so there is commas in the pot. For example if there is 10000000 in the pot it be nice to show as 100,000,000 just so it's easier to read and gets a better understanding.
  11. Sure ill work on it. ill finish it tmr because im not on my ide tonight
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  12. Yea this is normally why I like IDs more.

    I tried replacing the arrows to stained glass.

    For example STAINED_GLASS_PANE:5 and it just resets the config cause it just does not support it I guess and it's pretty annoying.
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  13. There a way we can edit the count down? I noticed it starts at like 10 seconds I sorta wanted to make it 5 since it spams. If not then that's okay.

    And the action title message.
  14. Sure ill make the countdown time editable.Will need some time tho

    The action title message can be edited or disabled in the config XD
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  15. Oh I didn't know that. Interesting.

    Well thank you.
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