Spigot AdvancedRegionMarket ARM v3.3.7 MC 1.12-1.18+

Sell, rent and manage worldguard regions. Create Hotels, manage via GUI and more.

  1. Would be nice if the region finder could find regions are that for sale/rent, and for it to display shops that have items (using the bridge) you could search for "cobblestone" which will list the shops in the gui that sell cobblestone. Other shop region plugins do this!
  2. I was wondering if i could have 2 region kinds, one that resets the region content such as blocks and entities and the other that only removes shops (ChestShop). I'm aware of your bridge plugin to manage shops in regions but for now everyting in the region gets reseted so i haven't got into it. i'm also aware that region ginds is a thing but i dont understand how it works or why should i use it instead of the default ones.
    I'm very sorry for asking so many things but is the only way a normy as me can understand a such complex plugin as yours. Thank you very much
  3. You can turn of region restoring for specifig region if that solves your problem. Just use /arm setautorestore rk:REGIONKIND false
    But that wont delete the shops, because chestshops automatically get removed by deleting them with worldedit.
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  4. Thank you very much, it will be easier than doing </arm setautorestore test false> to every region.

    Problem list
    1. How to define region as each region kind
    2. I installed ARM chestshopbridge but it wont delete shops inside regions
    3. what do you mean by "chestshops automatically get removed by deleting them with worldedit", the confusion may be because of lack of comprehension by not having english as a regular language for me
    And again, thank you very much for the help and quick response
  5. 1. You can use presets to automatically apply settings to regions, that you create. Otherwiese you have to use the command /arm setregionkind for every region.
    2. There is no chestshopbridge, because the plugin chestshop doesn't story its shops in any files. Thean means it is enough to just break the sign and chests of it. So the shops automatically get removed if you restore a region. But you can use another plugin like QuickShop if you want, to do that with the shopbridge plugin.
  6. alex9849 updated AdvancedRegionMarket with a new update entry:

    Regionkind-Groups, limits based on Regionkind-Groups and Landlords

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  7. Hey! I was wondering if the plugin had a language file, where I can change every message. Can somebody help me with this? Thanks in advance :)
  8. Yes there is a messages.yml that gets generated on plugin startup. You can customize all messages of the plugin there. But you can also change the language in the config.yml. If your language is supported you can just change the language there, delete your messages.yml and reload the plugin. The plugin will automatically regenerate your language file in the wanted language.
  9. Hi!
    When I modify the Flaggroup.yml file, the regions don't update automatically, I have to buy/sell each land to make it refresh.
    Is there a way to do this automatically?
  10. The plugin automatically applies all flags that are not editable. (So it doesn't overwrite user changes)
    If you want to apply a group completely you have to reassign it. You can use /arm set flaggroup rk:REGIONKIND FLAGGROUP.
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  11. Hey my market is in another world and I don't want people to be able to glitch out of the market and build so i set the block-break and block-place flags to deny in __global__ but that made it so people couldn't build or break blocks in their market plot. The shop priority is higher than the global so it should still allow people to build in their shop but it doesn't, is there anyway i can fix this?
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  12. Since the last version, there is a schematic problem. Some ends are replaced by blocks already present in the schematic. It's quite strange. I never had any worries before
  13. Here you go: https://github.com/alex9849/advance...-buyerrenter-of-the-region-build-inside-of-it
  14. Hi

    The walls is white wool
  15. What do you mean with that? Can you send a video? In older versions ARM restored whole a cube thats wrapping the region. Even if the region was non cubic. Not it only restored blocks that really belong to the region.
    Here is the github issue, that belongs to that problem: https://github.com/alex9849/advanced-region-market/issues/6
  16. Thank you for your answer
    The problem is :
  17. I have edit with the good link of GIF :)
  18. That looks like you've edited the region and haven't updated the schematic. You can do that with /arm updateschematic
  19. no no, i haven't done anything for two years and everything was working. Since the last update there is a problem. I made the command /arm updateschematic to update the region, and yet nothing solves the problem ...